Ethics and Sustainability

Conscious living and actively reducing harm is one of my core principles. I believe that this is an extension of truly honouring nature and ourselves. 

It is easy to make purchases with little regard for the wide impact these items have on our environment or the people that produced them, so I make concerted efforts to make the kindest choices that I can.

Ceremonial Circle

To create the beautiful ceremonial circle, or vesica piscis in the case of incense blending ceremonies, I used either fresh locally foraged foliage of which there is an abundance, or I have dried garlands which are British grown and I reuse each ceremony. These are plastic free and therefore more sustainable, but also they connect us to the Earth element and I personally think they look wonderful too!


I carefully select incense ingredients which have been sustainably harvested, where I can see the supply train and that no deforestation or slave labour took place. I source my own ingredients, foraged locally such as spruce resin I found in abundance, and damson resin from a fallen tree at my childhood home. 

Hoops and ribbons

The hoops for handfastings are made from local willow either by myself or by Joy Ladds in Ramsbottom. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint, but the willow has a connection to the local area and I start to weave blessings in for your ceremony at the time of weaving the hoop or infinity hoop. 

Ribbons are often polyester which is essentially plastic. They are beautifully shiny, but not the more environmentally aware choice. One option is silk, however there are ethical issues around this, so you can choose from bamboo silk which I also can naturally dye myself using plant matter, or a range of more natural fabric ribbons like cotton, linen or hemp. Again, this deepens the connection with the Earth element too.