Handfastings and Renewal of Vows

Whether this is your first ceremony of your union or a renewal of your vows, we will create the most meaningful ceremony for you, held in sacred space.

I am based in Lancashire and travel UK wide for ceremonies and deliver both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. I have exclusive access to outdoor woodland space suitable for intimate woodland weddings.

a bride stood in nature having a nature wedding

A Handfasting is an ancient tradition where the couple are 'bound' with ribbons in making their commitments to each other, and at one time this was a legally binding marriage. Whilst this is no longer the case, many couples choose to take care of the legalities before their handfasting. Whilst ribbon tying is becoming increasingly popular in civil ceremonies, I offer authentic celtic style handfastings, honouring the sacredness of this ritual. As I tie the ribbon I will explain what each ribbon represents, and I will be blessing your union as i weave your hands and hearts together. 

The format of the ceremony has similarities to the most well known wedding ceremonies- you will tell the story of your love, make commitments to each other through promises/vows and often exchange rings or other symbolic gifts. The handfasting is near the end of the ceremony where after having been blessed by the elements of Air, Fire and Water, I will call for blessings on your union and you may wish guests to add 'clootie ribbons' onto your handfasting, making their own vows. 

There is space for readings or contributions from guests and if you have your own cultural or religious elements you would like to include, these are very welcome too. This is your special day! 

Whether you wish to hold your ceremony inside or outside, we are profoundly connected and guided by nature. We use the wheel of the four elements to navigate the ceremony, from the tart of your relationship to your sacred union you are committing to. Some couples like to jump the broom out of the ceremony- this represents crossing the threshold into the next chapter of your lives together, overcoming any obstacles with grace and ease. 

If this has peaked your interest and you would like to discuss your ceremony further, please contact me by phone or email

Renewal of Vows

Couples choose to renew their vows for a multitude of reasons, but whatever the reason they are all united in one common aim: to celebrate their love. 

This can include a handfasting, or not. Some couples who were married without this ritual choose to become handfasted, others focus on other symbolic actions. 

This is your ceremony to say 'I choose you today as I did X years ago'. To make new promises to each other that reflect your relationship as it is now. To be witnessed by loved ones who may not have been present for your initial ceremony. 

We use the four elements to navigate the ceremony, from Air to Earth where we will create the perfect environment for you to reflect on your love for one and another and to celebrate each other and your relationship. Loved ones can contribute, you will speak of your love for one and other and you may choose to exchange gifts, to hold a cake and mead ceremony after your vow renewal, or even to jump the broom together into the next stage of your story. 

There are options for you to be held in a sacred ceremony which is truly meaningful for you both. 

If this has peaked your interest and you would like to discuss your ceremony further, please contact me by phone or email