House and Land Blessings

The house we live within and the land we live on delivers us so much. Our sense of safety, belonging and a physical place to grow and evolve. They are a manifestation of our connection to Mother Earth. 

Blessings in your home or land offer the opportunity to connect deeply, to cleanse and align with your space. 

house blessing outside.jpg

You may have a new home or piece of land and you would like more than a 'house warming'. or perhaps you have been in your home a long time but wish to reconnect with the space and to honour it as your home. 

House and Land Blessings can be just for the people who live within the space, or you can invite loved ones to join you (dependent on the space). You can follow the house blessings with a celebration. 

You may have specific acts that you wish to incorporate, or specific areas you want to spend more time in. Upon consultation, we will discuss why you want the house blessing and your ideas. It is ideal if we can hold the consultation in the space we will be blessing. This way I can tune into the energies of the house, understand the layout and design the blessing around this. 

We use the four elements to align with the house or space, inviting blessings along the way. We can cleanse the space using sacred smoke and sound, you may like to create a crystal grid, or to plant some seeds, infusing them with your future intentions. You will light your own sacred candle, that connects you with your space and that draws light within, you keep this candle to light at special moments, reminding you of this special event and the blessings bestowed by all. 

If this has peaked your interest and you would like to discuss your ceremony further, please contact me by phone or email