Incense Blending Ceremony

This is often a pre-handfasting ceremony where the couple will consciously create their unique incense blend to be used in their hand fasting. It can be a stand alone ceremony for couples to celebrate an anniversary or other event.

I am based in Lancashire and travel UK wide for ceremonies. This ceremony is best suited in an indoor space.

Incense used in an incense blending ceremony
Incense Blending

Incense has been used in ceremony for thousands of years. Made up of woods, resins, flowers and herbs, the smoke signifies cleansing, purification and is connected to the element of air. By using this incense in ceremony we are inviting the participants to connect with this element and it cleanses our energies.  The smell is magically evocative and the intentions woven into the incense through blending them then bless the space you are in. 

In your incense blending ceremony, you will each work around the wheel of the elements, around the beautiful foliage vesica piscis, connecting with each ingredient and selecting the one that speaks to you. You may need to grind it and whilst you do, you will be infusing the ingredient with your wishes. Each ingredient in turn will be places in the central bowl. When you have completed your journey around the elements, you couples incense is ready to be placed in your jar and used to bless your future ceremony or use in sacred space. 

These ceremonies are a wonderful opportunity to bond with your loved one and deepen your connection, working both individually and together to birth your unique incense. 

If this has peaked your interest and you would like to discuss your ceremony further, please contact me by phone or email. From pricing please click here.