Menarche Ceremonies

Pronounced 'meh-naa-kee'

Celebrating a girl's first bleed sensitively in sacred space. Welcoming her into her menstrual cycles supported by the women closest to her. 

Red Scarf

This offering was born out of a lack of such a ceremony, and an awareness that by offering these ceremonies, girls will be entering menstruation feeling held and empowered, rather than scared and told the narrative that periods are just something women have to put up with. 

I think most women have a story to tell about their first bleed, many of which are less favourable. Let's change the story by bringing up women to understand the gifts of these cycles and feeling celebrated and honoured in these cycles. 

There is much history around coming of age rituals, some of which still happen in some cultures. Popular actions are the 'mother' brushing the girls hair, the closest women to the girl sharing blessings or wisdom with her, flower crowns and a red thread being shared. 

This space is for the girl. Therefore we work closely designing a ceremony that allows her to feel comfortable, confident and connected. 

I will use the four elements to hold the space, and we will create simple rituals that offer self care and connection for the girl to call upon each month. She will have a candle which she can light each month, she can blend her own incense to help cleaner her space at that sacred time, and she can start a special journal which can hold her monthly wisdom, tracking her cycles if she wishes. 

I recommend these ceremonies take place at the time of her first bleed so I understand bookings are often at short notice, which I account for wherever possible. Alternatively, you can get in touch in advance so I am aware when the time comes you wish to hold a ceremony. To do this please phone or email me.