Naming Ceremony

Whether you have a new baby you wish to welcome into the world with a baby naming ceremony, or you are an adult who wishes to reclaim an ancestral name or affirm their chosen name for any reason, we will create a ceremony that is meaningful for you.

Sign to a naming ceremony Image by Scott Webb
Baby Naming

Perhaps Congratulations are in order for the birth of your child? Or you feel you would like to make promises to your child alongside your chosen 'guardians'. 

Baby naming ceremonies: 

  • Announce the name of the child

  • Welcome the child into their community

  • Appoint supporting adults who will be integral to the growth of your child

  • Honour and celebrate your child

Allow me to paint the picture of a ceremony: 

You and your child are sat inside a beautiful foliage circle, with your guests seated around you. I welcome everyone warmly and describe what is about to happen. This is the  special day you declare the name of your child, you make promises to them and you appoint Air, Fire and Water guardians who make commitments to support the child in matters connected to their element.


We begin with some magical grounding and centring, so that we are all feeling relaxed and connected. I guide a short and magical journey which engages both children and adults with the magic of this ceremony. 

We call in the elements to guide our ceremony, turning with each direction. We work around the wheel of the elements, with each guardian making expressions of their support and love to the child, complete with participation from all present (blowing bubbles, for example). 

As we reach the element of Earth, you will announce the name of your child and make your own promises to them. I welcome the child into their name and anoint them using ochre from the earth.  This is the perfect opportunity for a tree planting, where guests can add their blessings onto the tree.

If you wish, you all sign a certificate, as a reminder of the promises made within the ceremony, and something for the child to cherish. 

I hope this gives you a flavour of a ceremony. There are lots of options within that you can choose from to make this a truly personal ceremony for your child. It is also possible to hold this ceremony for 2/3 children at the same time. 

If this has peaked your interest and you would like to discuss your ceremony further, please contact me by phone or email. For pricing click here.

Name Affirmation Ceremony

Naming ceremonies are not just for children. People choose to hold naming ceremonies for lots of reasons for example: 

  • Reclaiming an ancestral name

  • Claiming a name given by a spiritual leader/guide

  • Divorce

  • Gender and name affirmation

  • Change of name via deed poll

  • Many more!

Standing and affirming your name is a truly powerful experience. A name is an expression of self, an identifying label which people connect us with. Names create networks and webs of being, in relation to others. Our names have meanings, and we give our name its own meaning. 

In these ceremonies, the person affirming their name has the opportunity to really stand in their truth and declare themselves in front of their community. Friends or family can speak about you, contribute readings, poems or songs. You will let go of your previous name, with gratitude. I will cleanse the space and all that came before that you wish to let go of. 

This ceremony is celebratory, honouring you and your chosen name. There will be symbolic actions connected to the four elements that guide our journey within the ceremony. 

Whatever your reason for affirming your name, I am here to hold the space for you to do so with love and belonging. 

If this has peaked your interest and you would like to discuss your ceremony further, please contact me by phone or email. For pricing click here.