Passing Over Ceremony

A Pre-funeral or memorial ceremony for the closest to the departed to be met in their grief to express who the loved one was to them, how they feel and to allow them to move smoothly on their onwards journey.

Often, when someone we love passes on, we are knee deep in dealing with the logistics, organising the funeral and as such, our grief is pushed back. Then after the funeral, the time where we say goodbye, our grief only then begins. 

Passing Over ceremonies happen before the funeral and allow the people closest to the departed to meet their grief before the funeral. Ideal for only up to 10 people, this ceremony is a safe space for everyone to feel their feelings, to express their memories of the departed, and to allow nothing to go unsaid. 

In a funeral there is an expectation formed through tradition that only the light in the departed is celebrated and expressed, whereas in a passing over ceremony it is your chance to be honest and open about your relationship with the person, so that you can fully process your loss. 

These ceremonies are held indoors at a venue of your choice (can be your home). They are intimate and last as long as the group need to say their final goodbyes. 

Passing over ceremonies are also very helpful in the loss of a family pet. 

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